Ultrasound - Accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

For the convenience of our patients, Rutherford OB-GYN Associates provides ultrasound procedures in the office.  The ultrasound service is accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.  To be Accredited, Rutherford OB-GYN Associates completes a voluntary peer-review process that involves a detailed inspection of all aspects of an ultrasound practice.  These aspects include doctor qualifications, physical facilities, the ultrasound machines, the detailed instructions (protocols) for performing each ultrasound test, and the policies in place for safeguarding the health and safety of every patient who has an ultrasound examination, plus much more.

AIUM accreditation provides a good measure of reassurance for patients. This accreditation is the hallmark of an ultrasound practice that meets nationally accepted standards of patient care, demonstrates consistent excellence, and is current with the latest ultrasound technology.

Many patients are familiar with ultrasound procedures for pregnant women.  However, ultrasound is used to assist the physicians in diagnosing problems in women of all ages.  The most common ultrasound tests performed by Rutherford OB-GYN Associates are:

Your physician will determine if an ultrasound exam is necessary to help identify a particular problem.  

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